Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mumbai - my second home

Having been born in Kerala makes me a Keralite by origin however, Mumbai has been the lovely city where I have spent most part of my life. My travel blog is a window through which I would show you places that I have loved being a part of. This travel blog of mine aims at sharing my travel experiences along the city of Mumbai and the rest of India.

Mumbai has an irresistible charm of its own. Once you are in Mumbai you are a part of it with your heart and soul , immaterial of which part of the country you belong. This is what the Mumbai magic is all about.

Take a look at India through my camera eye. The beauty of this lovely land as I see it. The diversities that add to the rich culture and the underlying similarities that keep us all united. Take an Indian travel tour with me your guide Vandana taking you through the streets of this lovely land. Hop on abroad as there is so much to be discovered and admired right here.